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Abortion Essay Sample

The process of procuring an abortion is a mentally challenging and draining process. The mental effects before and after abortion are usually farther reaching than it seems from the first sight. For women, who plan to procure an abortion or those who have already done it, there is usually a constant nagging feeling that keeps them aloof. Even then, in certain circumstances, there is the need for procuring an abortion and the reasons are genuine. Such cases involve various circumstances in which the woman got pregnant and whether it was intentional or not. In addition, the woman’s financial opportunities may dictate whether she should keep the baby or not. This is a way of proclaiming to the world that she is not capable of adequately taking care of herself, and it would be unfair to bring a baby into a murky and wretched life. Procuring an abortion enables the woman to prevent the challenges that would come with catering for the baby.

Research has shown that continuous procuring abortions may subsequently affect the baby when the woman finally decides to keep the pregnancy to term. It has been shown that women who have procured abortions in the past may face different problems bearing a baby in the future. In addition, abortion could easily lead to premature birth which can create a lot of birth related problems (Klemetti et al.).

Abortion is a sensitive issue that requires a clear mind, sound approach and mental support to the woman intending to procure one. More often than not, society frowns upon women who procure abortions without giving them a listening ear. Indeed, if people take time to delve into the pros and cons and the reasons why a woman has decided to procure an abortion, they would most likely consider the situation from a different point of view. If the woman is not financially stable to raise the baby and has no other alternative source of getting aid, it is logical to save the baby from a lot of huddles and obstacles when it comes to the world. The woman should also be mentally sound. If she is retarded or has some other mental challenge, chances are high that she cannot take good care of herself, let alone a second party. The circumstances under which the baby was conceived also largely determine the decision on whether or not to procure an abortion. For instance, if the woman conceived after being raped, she may decide to go for abortion rather than bring the baby into a world of shame and disgrace.

Also baby need to be raised in the auspicious environment that includes the presence of both parents. In addition, the parents need to be stable, in terms of psychological preparedness and financial situation. If the father is not responsible enough, the burden of taking care of the baby all alone may be too demanding and overwhelming for the woman. The presence of the father provides the much-needed support in difficult situations. The support comes not only in monetary terms but also psychologically. Being present and sharing the common problems with the woman, means lot for her. Even then, for the baby to get the basic and essential needs, the parents need to be financially capable. If the father is present and is financially supportive, the process of upbringing becomes smoother and easier. If the opposite is true, taking care of the newborn may be a challenge especially regarding meeting the essential requirements of a baby.

Having a child is also a communal affair. The whole society contributes to how a baby is raised and its experiences in the journey of life, both directly and indirectly (Bankole). Thus, the contribution of the society plays its role in the development of the newborn. One of the most important factors of abortion is the woman’s immediate family. When the news about the pregnancy is positively perceived by the family, she will feel support and a great pressure will be taken off her shoulders. However, if the woman gets is rebuke and reprimand, she is likely to have a tougher time carrying the pregnancy to term and subsequently raising the baby. For this reason, the mother may decide to terminate the pregnancy altogether to avoid conflict and discomfort.

A woman would have an easier time bringing a new soul into the world if her partner is supportive of the issue. There are situations where the partner walks away on realizing that his girlfriend or wife is pregnant. In such cases, she may be left devastated and may decide to do abortion. This highlights the importance of being supportive towards a pregnant woman.

When a pregnant woman decides to perform an abortion, first of all, she needs to realize the consequences of her future actions. The woman has to be aware of the whole process that occurs during abortion, the expected side effects and whether the procedure would still allow room for another conception. Performing abortion is a great responsibility, therefore, it is recommended to realize the pros and cons of undertaking the process. The woman has to be sure that the decision is the best for her and the baby (Coleman).

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